Pine Island Cheese Festival » Sponsors


The Pine Island Cheese Festival Committee Is Excited to Announce an Opportunity for Your Business or Organization to Sponsor Our 2024 Cheese Festival!

As you may know, each year, the festival costs around $30,000 for expenses like event insurance, public restrooms, tents and tables, fireworks, entertainment, advertising, and more.

Our Pine Island Cheese Festival Committee would like to thank alll the sponsors! We couldn’t do this without each and every one of you!


✔ Creality Promo + Retail, Inc.

✔ Meints Chiropractic

✔ Xcel Energy

✔ Hemann & Grover

✔ Nextera

✔ Treasure Island

✔ Pine Island Fire Department


✔ Rebecca Moechnig (Island Paws)

✔ Trailhead Grill & Lanes


✔ Bigelow Homes

✔ Kwik Trip


✔ Small Town Media & Production

✔ DeCook Drainage

✔ Silver Birch

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